Social media provides a unique space for people to connect to one another and themselves.

What follows are samples of posts created to connect. To connect congregation members to their faith. To connect people with each other. To connect us with our community.

Inspired by the saints

These were posted on saints’ days and other minor holidays to connect people with their Christian history and provide faithful examples of lives lived in Christ.

How to Talk to Kids About Race

Created after the death of George Floyd these memes are meant to help parents start and sustain conversations with their kids about race.


Created after a conversation moderated by the Philadelphia Council for Relationships, I created these daily posts to provide a space for healing and wholeness is the often divisive and anxiety place known as the social media feed.

Celebrate Easter

Created for the week after Easter, these posts highlight the joy in celebrating the resurrection.

Lent Madness

Sent out via the text service Remind to with an educational survey, these were made to help youth engage with the Lent Madness project.

Service Projects

These were part of a series for a summer food drive.