On the river path near my old home, there was a clear spot in the tree line along the river.  A kind soul installed a bench there.  The view wasn’t breathtaking, per se, but the water was shallow there, and as it ran over the rocks, the river talked. It called the birds to wade in for minnows.  It pointed the local eagles to deeper water for bigger fish.  It called the kayaker, the walker.  The bench was a perfect place to rest, to enjoy being by the water, to recharge for a longer hike, or to pause before returning home.

I wish this space to be like that bench.  To be a quiet byway on life’s journey.  I do not seek to draw you here to wow you, floor you, amaze you.  I have no tricks up my sleeve.  I only offer you a peaceful perspective.  I merely seek to be a gracious host to your thoughts.  I simply wish to draw you to the present.

Adrianne Meier

I am a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, currently living in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I am honored to serve with and among God’s people.  I earned my Master’s of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and my Bachelor’s of Arts in English and Religion from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio.  I met my husband, Matt, at Capital.  He earned his PhD in Communication from Bowling Green State University, and now teaches undergraduate and graduate students and continues to study rhetoric, comedy, and citizenship.  His thoughtful influence is surely all over this blog.  Together, we have three daughters, Evelyn, who was born still, but is ever close to our hearts; Hope, who has magically become “school-aged,” and loves to run and read and dream; and Lucy, our NICU-grad who is a hilarious and joy-filled light in our lives.  I am an avid knitter and reader.  I play the piano and love to sing (especially with the accompaniment of Matt’s guitar) and dabble in a few other instruments for fun, like the ukelele and concertina.  I garden – mostly vegetables – and am interested in simplicity and sustainability, particularly as they follow from faithful living of my religion and of that of other faiths.  One day, I want to be the host of a retreat for writers.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another.  -Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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